It seems that Violent Crimes are up in Savannah and many are turning to self defense classes

We recently started a Womens Self Defense class at Coastal Combatives. We did a free trial month to see who was interested and a good number of women showed up, about 17 .  Building confidence and having a plan of action to deal with an attacker is important, and it seems like it’s becoming an increasingly concerning issue in Savannah.  I read this article yesterday that spoke about the issue and it makes some good points. 

Article from

Map and statistics of crime in Savannah

Coastal Combatives is not a krav maga school but we can provide the tools and knowledge for self protection and here is how.  Our focus is Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defense, boxing, and some tactical weapons defense. There is an emphasis  on physical fitness during warm ups and training. Through hands on drilling, women will learn how to stop or break common grabs and chokes.  They will also learn striking and defensive movements. Overall your technical ability is important but means little if you don’t have the physical ability to react quickly and keep reacting when someone tries to grab you with the element of surprise on their side.  

Classes will run in quarterly cycles and women will be tested at the end of the 3 month cycle. The final assessment is a Tactical Simulation Drill. If the drill is completed successfully then a T-shirt will be awarded for their ability level.  Three months is a start but to gain some skill it takes a year or more. The first successful completion is awarded a white shirt, the second quarter a bright yellow shirt, the third quarter a bright pink shirt and when a woman completes the 4th quarter, that’s a full cycle of the class, she is awarded a black shirt.

This class will get you in shape, teach you defensive/offensive tactics, be fast paced and fun!

Come to the Richmond Hill YMCA to try a class or contact Shannon at (912)-660-6821 


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