Shannon's Fighter Bio

Name: Shannon Young

Title: Instructor

Height: 5 ft. 6 in.

Weight: 149

Favorite Submission: Triangle from the  back

Favorite Quote:  "Freedom of expression lies in being  BOLD."  -Robert Frost

Coastal Combatives  has been providing BJJ, MMA, and Combatives (military version of MMA) instruction to the Savannah and Fort Stewart area for over 15 years. Coastal Combatives training and instructional services focus on Jiu-Jitsu, Military Combatives, Mixed Martial Arts, Defensive Tactics, and Strength & Conditioning. Coastal Combatives has provided training and consulting services to a wide group of customers to include the U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard, Naval Special Warfare Group, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, National Strength and Conditioning Association Tactical Strength and Conditioning Special Interest Group, Linxx Global Solutions, and individual students from Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah and surrounding communities. Coastal Combatives has worked intimately with the 3rd Infantry Division. 

and continued training BJJ, like now I was learning, working out, connecting with people, and feeling a flow in my life.  I began to change. What I was before was not lost just molded, hardened, and refined. I had a new wind pushing me. 

Through all the injuries and other hardships that come with training hard I never regret a moment. I almost revel in the struggle. I've done around 19 BJJ tournaments and placed at most. I've fought 3 amateur MMA matches. I'm excited to be teaching the Kids Jiu Jitsu classes. I pride myself in the ability to teach, coach, and mentor my students. I want them to have solid Jiu Jitsu and to become better citizens.  I lead by example with an emphasis on hard work and diligence. I believe consistent work pays off and is the key to success. I also know that learning should be fun, especially for young kids.